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Educational institutions are improving their quality by implementing smart technologies

Author: Reema Oamkumar Posted on 24-December-2014

Educational institutions are harnessing new technologies to improve the quality of education delivered to students,  and to meet various operational challenges. There are collaborative learning software, interactive response systems and a host of software guaranteed to automate the working of educational institutions. And thanks to the unstinting support of parents and teachers, these have been met with great success.

Examination software for institutions - This software has received considerable positive feedback, thanks to the ease with which it can be used. The efficacy of the software has made the task of the examiner easy, while students applaud the systematic approach of examinations.

One Note - One Note is a software that students would love because it helps them organize their schoolwork. It is not, however, just a note-taking software, but an incredible one that can actually replace notebooks.

Audacity - Audacity is a reliable software that will let students take down lectures and not a miss a word of it. The recording is done through the computer's microphone and it is an open-source, free program.

StudyMinder - Students attending several courses at a time can keep track of their lessons by using this software. It will not only help them create homework and class work schedules, but it will also keep track of their progress.

Cloud based educational management software - Cloud based educational management applications offer unprecedented operational efficiency and functionality guaranteed to deliver student success. The management can easily automate their key processes, including integrating and monitoring services. These are flexible enough to support unique user needs, can save loads of data and are highly reliable.

Backed by consistent research and a penchant for excellence, Nanonet has been able to release an innovative product, 'Eduambient'. This cloud based educational management application software is already making waves in the field of education. To know more about this product and to gauge its skills in conducting the affairs of your institution, kindly refer to  http://www.nanonett.com/eduambient.php.

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