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Education management systems are now turning into cloud applications

Author: Kolazhi Balagopal Posted on 12-December-2014

With security strictures and regulatory reform dogging the educational system today, more and more institutions are looking at ways to integrate new technology into their systems. The recent Information Technology boom has thrown up several interesting systems that purport to help school and university administrators, teachers, parents and students to adopt these new and sophisticated systems to enhance their productivity. The challenge really lies in identifying the best ways to rationalize contrasting resources with user access.

Today, the revolutionary trend in the  Cloud Computing technology and its deep impact on every facet of industry and commerce,  including the educational segment,  is taking the markets by storm. With more students pursuing online applications, the implementation of e-learning methods are gaining steam,  and the market  for learning management systems are rapidly poised for growth.

Cloud computing dares to integrate software, hardware, storage and network to offer computing services over the Internet as a service with the following facilities

  • Capable of Scaling  Resources
  • Pricing structure with Affordable and pay-as-you-go options
  • Automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of services
  • Leveraging resources for added value to procedures

Realization having dawned that  a successful educational system is the cornerstone of any country’s success, the education Czars are going overboard in introducing the latest concepts, including cloud computing, and customizing it to the educational sector.

 The benefits are many:

  • Management, Storage, and retrieval of enormous volumes of data
  • Ability to analyze large data sets
  • Just this one system eliminates the need to adopt multi systems
  • Integrates and rationalizes information from several devices like tablets,  mobiles, laptops and desktops
  • Good substitute for imparting quality education without the restrictions of insufficient IT Budgets, short staffing, problems of intellectual property rights 
  • Helps to balance the load and share information with all concerned.
  • Multiple users can access the cloud simultaneously
  • Though a little more expensive, a dedicated private cloud provider is far better than a public one
  • Implementing a private cloud  option helps to satisfy scrupulous regulatory norms, and at the same time, provides agility and scalability in the business   
  • Private cloud facilitates easy interaction between the IT Staff and academic departments
  • In short, the private cloud introduces higher levels of originality, competence, consistency and affordability in the IT.


Advantages  of the private cloud system

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

All private cloud systems aim at the departments in an institution to fully and flexibly utilize the resources allocated, and this brings about a lower total cost of ownership.

Instant Updates

Under this cloud arrangement, irrespective of the size of the institution, every user, be it a teacher, professor or student  can enjoy instant updates and patches on their computer

Elimination of shelfware

 Helps to stem resources, time and money drain for storing diverse software as shelfware 

Remote Usage

All users, including staff, students and administrators can enjoy remote access to the organization from any location in the world by  installing Hypervisors and Farm Servers


Better control over the hardware enhances performance, energy, cost and efficiency in an atmosphere of a  high security level

Improving System agility and load balancing

Cloud computing helps the organization not only to introduce fresh users to the network, but also facilitates easy handling of administrative tasks that help to offer customized service  to clients. It also offers users the advantage of enjoying on-demand services by being able to scale horizontally and vertically.

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